How can you ensure your workforce has the knowledge, tools & training to tackle the biggest challenges in the Real Estate industry?

SAP SuccessFactors Core HR + Talent Management

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What is the solution?

SAP SuccessFactors Core HR + Talent Management can empower your employees to:

  • Engage buyers and sellers once they have made contact via your website
  • Manage the differences between buyer’s and seller’s expectations
  • Help both buyers and sellers along their real estate journey
  • Remain compliant with on-going training
  • Continuously self-improve and learn new skills

Who are EPI-USE?

EPI-USE are an SAP SuccessFactors partner and have been passionately delivering success in HR and Talent Management for over 30 years. Our solutions provide your employees with the skills and expertise they need to contribute towards your wider business goals and transform your organisation.

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